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Thank you for attending the 2014 NIRI Annual Conference

What is the NIRI Bootcamp?
A chance to physically prepare for Extreme IR.

Come join your fellow conference attendees in NIRI's EXTREME high intensity interval training BOOT CAMP. You will challenge your body with intense intervals (20-60 seconds) paired with slower, active recovery intervals (30-90 seconds). Exercises will include plyometrics, burpees, mountain climbers, squats, planks, etc. However, all levels of fitness can participate and adjust the intensity accordingly. This type of training has been used by athletes and non-athletes alike to improve overall fitness and improve our body's ability to burn fat. The workout will conclude with abdominals and stretching.

Small hand towels will be provided.

Monet 4
  • Sunday 10:00 10:50am
  • Monday 7:00 7:50am
  • Tuesday 7:00 7:50am

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